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Developing your potential...moving beyond where you are!

Coaches encourage clients to be themselves, to expand beyond their limitations, and to become stronger, more alive human beings. Clients often achieve better results because they have gotten "bigger". They have become more of who they are.

You can always be more and be in a better place - personally, career-wise, as a leader or have a higher impact in your organization. If you want to gain an edge in your workplace or your marketplace a coach is invaluable. Can you afford not to work with a coach during our economic times?

LIving Hope offers a process to effectively move an individual forward with impact through Transformational Development.


• Are you involved in more conflict than you think you should?

• Do you wish you had more confidence in yourself?

• Are you sick of being driven by external forces?

Having a coach can help you find out who you are, discover your purpose and maximize your mission in life.

Ask us about MissionBuilder and Maximizing Your Strengths packages.

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  • ​Are you dissatisfied in your relationships with your spouse, children or other family members?

  • Are you wishing you can find ways to improve your relationships?

A coach can provide you with strategies for improved relationships and self-awareness.

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  • Have you been overlooked for promotions at work?

  • Are you frustrated, burnt out, and in need of change?

  • How do you change jobs in this economy?

A coach will help you discover your intrinsic motivation to achieve growth and personal satisfaction in your career.

Career Coaching Packages

  • Resumes and Cover Letters

  • Career search tools

  • Networking Strategies

  • Interviewing tips and techniques

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Coaching: Get Involved
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"True transformation cannot be forced from the outside.  It’s an inside-out process.  Who of us has not received or created a list of ways to live, eat, exercise, respond, seek God, grow, and change – and how long did it last, if it worked at all?  Those lists don’t work very long for anyone, and so we fall back into self-contempt.  The problem does not lie with our lack of discipline.  The problem is in the approach.  The problem lies with the lists…a list of laws, rules, tips, techniques, and strategies does not a transformed heart make.”

Staci Eldredge, in her book – Becoming Myself

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